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Traditions and Innovations. Tracking the Development of Pottery from the late...

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Traditions and Innovations. Tracking the Development of Pottery from the late Classical to the Early Imperial Periods (e-book)

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Sarah Japp – Patricia Kögler (eds.),
Traditions and Innovations.
Tracking the Development of Pottery from the Late Classical to the Early Imperial Periods
Proceedings of the 1st Conference of IARPotHP Berlin, November 2013, 7th–10th


(IARPotHP 1)

Vienna 2016

ISBN 978-3-85161-161-8

538 pp., num. colour- and b/w-figs.



Patricia Kögler, Introduction: The Aim of the Conference

Elisa De Sousa, From Greek to Roman Pottery in the Far West

Francisco J. García-Fernández – Antonio M. Sáez-Romero – Eduardo Ferrer-Albelda, The Hellenization of Taste in Turdetania: Tradition and Change in Ceramic Assemblages in the Valley of the Guadalquivir in the Late Iron Age

Antonio M. Sáez-Romero, Grey Wares of Late Punic Gadir (4th–3rd centuries BC). Some Features of the Hellenization of Local Tableware

Ana María Niveau de Villedary y Mariñas – Antonio M. Sáez-Romero, The Red Slip Tableware of Punic and Early Roman Gadir/Gades (4th–1st cent. BC): An Update on the So-called «Kuass Ware»

Violeta Moreno Megías Kuass, Ware in Turdetan Communities: Distribution and Local Production in the Lower Guadalquivir Valley, SW Spain

Laura Ambrosini, Tradition and Innovation: The Ring Askos in Late Red-figured Faliscan Pottery

Paola Puppo, Trade Exchanges in the Western Mediterranean: The Distribution of sombreros de copa

Sabine Patzke, The Etruscan ceramica sovraddipinta – Innovation in the Lifetime of a Pottery Type

Carlo De Mitri, Changes in Cooking Ware Technology between the 3rd and the 1st Centuries BC on the South Adriatic Coast: The Case of Salento

Marek Palaczyk, Major Innovations in the Rhodian Wine-Trade after 200 BC? – Rhodian Stamps from Monte Iato in West Sicilian Context

Charikleia Palamida – Fani K. Seroglou – Mark L. Lawall – Aggeliki Yiannikouri, The Emergence of ‘Hellenistic’ Transport Amphoras: The Example of Rhodes

Konstantinos Filis, The Local Transport Amphorae from Aigion

Petar Popović, Painted Pottery from Kale - Krševica: Imported or of Local Provenance?

Ivanka Kamenjarin, Hellenistic Pottery from Siculi (Resnik), Croatia

Branko Kirigin, Pithoi/Dolia from Central Dalmatian Islands

Nina Fenn – Christiane Römer-Strehl, The Hellenistic and Roman Pottery from 2013 Excavations at Dimal /Albania. An Illyrian Hilltop-Settlement with Mediterranean Connections in the Hinterland of Apollonia

Eduard Shehi, Illyrian Cooking Ware (ICW): Some Ideas on the Origin, Production and Diffusion

Vasiliki Tsantila, Oiniadai, a Significant Akarnanian Port on the Trade Route from Asia Minor to Italy: The Evidence Provided by the Relief Pottery

Wolf Rudolph, Prolegomena to the Study of Hellenistic Pottery from above the Cult Centre at the Acropolis of Mycenae

Elisabeth Trinkl, Aufstieg und Niedergang einer Gefäßform – die Bauchlekythos

Guy Ackermann, Les assiettes d’Erétrie à l’époque hellénistique

Zoi Kotitsa, Historical Change and Ceramic Tradition: The Case of Macedonia

Anne-Sophie Martz, Traditions et innovations dans la vaisselle céramique de la Maison de Fourni, Délos

Susan I. Rotroff, Hausmann’s Workshop and Innovation in the Production of Athenian Mold-made Bowls

Sarah Japp – Benjamin Engels – Anneke Keweloh, Kiln Stacking as a Technique for Polychrome Surface Design – A Pergamenian Innovation?

Maurizio Buora – Ergün Lafli, Hadra Vases from Rough Cilicia

Reyhan Şahin, Red-figure Pottery of the 4th century BC from Ainos (Enez) in Thrace: The Final Phase of the Classical Tradition in Eastern Thrace

Laura Picht, You Are What You Eat (from)? The Development of Plates in Hellenistic and Early Roman Priene

Andrea Berlin, Not So Fast: Ceramic Conservatism and Change at Sardis in the Early Hellenistic Period

Asuman Baldiran, Roulette Decorated Hellenistic Unguentaria from Stratonikeia

Vasilica Lungu, Céramique hellénistique de Labraunda: à la recherche d’un faciès carien. Données préliminaires

Çilem Uygun, Samples of Hellenistic Pottery from Üçtepe in Southeast Anatolia

Ulrike Nowotnick, Hellenistic Influence on Ceramics from Meroe and Hamadab (Sudan)

Jonathan Ferguson, Traditions and Innovations in the Late Hellenistic and Early Roman Ceramic Assemblages from Tell Madaba, Jordan

Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom, Innovation and Stagnation in the Judean Lamp Production in the Late Second Temple Period (150 BCE–70 CE)

Heather Jackson, Green-glazed Wares at Hellenistic Jebel Khalid. Innovation, Imitation or Hellenization?

Gabriele Puschnigg, Continuity or Innovation in Coarse Wares at Early Hellenistic Merv?

Jean-Baptiste Houal, The Hellenistic Period through the Ceramics of Temez (Uzbekistan) and Balkh (Afghanistan)

Sergej Ushakov – Kateryna Strukova, Grey Ware with Black Coating from Chersonesos: Research Problems and New Findings

Sergej Ushakov – Ekaterina Lesnaya – Maksym Tiurin, The New Hellenistic Assemblages from the North-Eastern District of the Tauric Chersonesos

Mikhail Treister – Nikolay Vinokurov, Two Emblemata with Portrait Heads on the Red-gloss Bowls from the Site of Artezian in Eastern Crimea

Tatiana Egorova, Hellenistic Black Glazed Pottery from Panticapaeum

Irina Shkribliak, Hellenistic Mold-made Relief Bowls from Late Scythian Sites of Crimea


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